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Goals, posts to come

Thanks for checking out my new home. It is my intention to try to write one meaningful post per week, if all goes well- Friday. Some upcoming posts will include: Where I am Performance Enhancing Drugs Training Plans on the Cheap Balancing work and training Advertisements



About Me

My name is Lucas and I am not like many of the triathletes I have met over time. I am do not work in management, I don't work in technology, and I am not a stay at home mom. I work four jobs to keep the lights on and generally hate work. I am kind of bitter. This bitterness make me want to be a champion for the working class athlete. I value high quality products at a low price. I will never afford some of the fancy toys and try to do less with more.

Two of my jobs are teaching self defense and freelance web design. The sites for those include www.tuckerselfdefense.com and www.five29designs.com.